Here are the prominent names among the favorite culinary trends in the past year.


Last year, the trend of mukbang originating from Korea suddenly became a craze on video platforms. You will feel like every few hours that a mukbangker will appear. Therefore, the number of eating videos has also increased dramatically with a variety of different dishes. Even people who make mukbang are like genuine KOLs. Because if you have a large number of viewers, anything that airs can become a trend.


Besides mukbang, the ASMR trend has also exploded over the past year. Instead of eating and talking like mukbangkers, ASMR people focus on eating and making catchy sounds that make viewers feel hungry too. With dedicated microphones, all sounds from chewing to even the breath of the eater are recorded.

Many people think that thanks to ASMRs, they have a better appetite. Although the number of people doing ASMR is not as strong as mukbang, you just need to type on the search engines and you will be dazzled with countless names from all over the world.

Challenge your taste buds with spicy food

From the trend of eating Korean spicy noodles, the online community continues to hunt for spicy dishes to challenge the taste. Although only appearing in the second half of 2019, One Chip Challenge and The Death Nut Challange have covered social networks.

These are all junk foods that are the most spicy peppers in the world. Those who tried it all sweated, shed tears, even dazed to build up your face. This makes them more attractive than ever and is expected to continue to be hot by 2020.

Order food according to the previous person

One of the more trendy trends is ordering food to follow people first. All you need to do is order the same food as the previous bill. Since its inception, this trend has been enthusiastically responded by the online community because no one knows what the previous person bought. Maybe it’s something you hate or can’t even eat. Well, just believe that you will be lucky.