Many times caffeine has been reported to have an adverse effect on athletes under the age of 18. Previously, a young American wrestler had died from an overdose of caffeine supplements.

On 5/5/2016, two Irish cyclists were hospitalized because of the side effects that the caffeine supplement they took. It is known that they are all under the age of 14 and participating in the U16 cycling race in Ho Chi Minh City. Cork, Ireland. Thankfully, these 2 athletes have recovered and are in the process of rest and relaxation.

This information immediately sparked the reaction of Cycling Ireland, the Bicycle Regulatory Authority as well as the cycling competitions in Ireland. Cycling Ireland has issued a warning about the dangers of caffeine supplements for young riders. They said riders under 18 should not take caffeine supplements. Racing sponsors should not give athletes caffeine in the form of prizes or sponsorships.

Caffeine is not only supplied in the form of a solid (powder) or liquid but also in the form of a gel. Gel caffeine is usually taken before and during races to increase performance or performance. In fact, caffeine is not a banned stimulant in sports competition, so it is preferred by athletes. In March 2015, 18-year-old American wrestler Logan Stiner died from an overdose of caffeine.

Autopsy results show that the amount of caffeine in the victim’s blood is 70mcg / ml, 23 times more than the amount of caffeine in a packet of coffee or 1 can of soda. As a wrestling athlete, Logan Stiner uses a number of functional foods to build muscle and endurance, including caffeine powder. This type of caffeine powder is advertised, marketed and distributed throughout the United States as a dietary supplement, increasing athletes’ alertness and performance.

According to the US Food and Drug Administration, refined caffeine is a strong stimulant and very small amounts can also cause an overdose. One teaspoon of refined caffeine is equivalent to the amount found in 25 cups of coffee. It is almost impossible to calculate the exact amount of refined caffeine with a home-made device and easily overdose and cause death.