Chef Ross Munro takes you out
on a PEI culinary adventure
like no one else can.

Prince Edward Island Culinary Adventures is an opportunity for food enthusiasts to have direct contact with the source of their food and the people who harvest and prepare it. Fresh, natural and Island-centric ingredients are on the menu as you earn the bragging rights that inevitably result from each and every culinary adventure.

Award-winning Chef Ross Munro is the creative force behind PEI Culinary Adventures. He is your informative and hands-on guide on land, at sea, and at your Island table.

Experience first-hand the harvesting of Prince Edward Island’s bounty from both land and sea, and create your own unforgettable meal with Chef Ross.

Prince Edward Island Culinary Adventures take food enthusiasts on a chef-driven experiential food journey directly from the farmers, fishers and artisan food producers of the Island to the kitchen and to the table.

Choose an adventure to suit your palate. You can harvest lobster, oysters, clams, mussels; gather your own produce; visit local honey apiaries, cheese-makers, and farmers; fish for Bluefin Tuna or North Atlantic shark.

No matter where you are in the world, Prince Edward Island Culinary Adventures can fly you in via Blue Star Jets, our elite private air service partner. First-class accommodations are also included in select adventures and in our Customized Adventure Packages.

As Chef Ross says, “Our farmers, fishermen and artisan food producers on the Island are truly exceptional and unique, and I want the world to experience this first hand.”

Culinary Adventures from April 30 – October 15.

Call us now at (902) 394-5910 or email Chef Ross
for more information about how we can create a
Culinary Adventure that you’ll never forget.