Chef Ross Munro

The Biography of a Chef Dedicated to His Craft

Chef Ross Munro is the Owner/Operator of Prince Edward Island Culinary Adventures. Relentless in the pursuit of greatness at all levels, personally and professionally, he is a man true to his convictions and staunch in his belief of creating the best at each and every opportunity.

His most recent public sector positions were as Director of Culinary for the Murphy Group of Restaurants and Resident Chef at Sims Corner Steakhouse and Oyster Bar in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, however, Chef Ross has spent his life in perpetual dedication to his craft.

Starting his culinary career when he was a teenager, Ross worked in small restaurants and eventually moved through some of Canada’s top dining spots where he worked alongside a number of the best chefs the country has to offer. He has also been behind the scenes at leading Canadian hotels – Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise, The Windsor Arms Hotel and the King Edward Hotel among them.

In 2012, Chef Ross was named both Prince Edward Island Chef of the Year and Atlantic Chef of the Year; the latter an honour bestowed upon him by his chef peers from Atlantic Canada. Much sought after to sit on local boards and to speak in support of tourism and culinary marketing initiatives here on the Island and abroad, Chef Ross has appeared in numerous publications and has been seen on national TV and syndicated food programs. He further shares his culinary expertise as a member of the curriculum advisory board of the Canadian Food and Wine Institute at Niagara College in Ontario, through his service as brand ambassador for Prince Edward Island Certified Beef, and as a regular at Canada’s Smartest Kitchen during industry focus groups and product development panels.

An unwavering supporter and promoter of local cuisine scenes, he is a mentor to both industry newcomers and seasoned professionals alike. His respect for his trade and the people in it means that he is innately aware of the serious depletion of great culinarians in our industry. To counter this, he works tirelessly at keeping talented people focused on staying in the business, illustrating just how rewarding a career as a cook and a chef can be.

Beyond the realm of the culinary world, Chef Ross works in the community to support a specific charity each year. In 2012 he committed his support to the Breakfast for Learning program in PEI, an Island-based group facilitating breakfast, snack and lunch programs in local public schools. He also sits on the board of Ducks Unlimited, a local environmental group dedicated to the conservation of Canada’s Wetlands.

During the off-season, Chef Ross leads tours around the globe to connect clients with international chef contacts. These off-Island ventures include locations in Europe, China, Japan, Australia and India. Having traveled the world extensively and learned the culinary skills of many cultures, Chef Ross possesses a global perspective in his flavouring and approach to food while he maintains that simplicity and just the right treatment for each dish is a must!

Chef Ross’s passion comes though during even the most casual conversation about “this amazing industry of ours”. He would be more than happy to speak with you about any matter focused in and around the world of food.

Contact the Chef: [email protected]