4. Marin, California

With more than 40 years of mushroom hunting experience, chef Patrick Hamilton can help you find mushroom, ensure you are picking edible ones, as well as teach you the best methods for cooking them. The four-hour classes meet either in Marin and cover the basics of wild mushroom foraging before setting you lose to unearth chanterelles, black trumpets, boletes, and morels.

5. Crystal River, Florida

It’s not difficult to scallop as an Easter egg hunt for your favorite shellfish. All you need to do is to swim above the shallow saltwater grass flats until spotting the shell’s vibrant blue eyes or the signature shell shape. Once your bag has been filled, the chefs at the harbor will shuck, clean, and cook them for you to have a true water-to-plate experience. 

6. Hood Canal, Washington

In Washington, it is best to enjoy an al fresco dinner with a view of the Olympic Mountains. It is best to visit Hood Canal in the winter to pluck tasty oysters from the shore and into your mouth.

7. Tillamook Bay, Oregon

Although the West Coast might not have a proper fall or winter, they really have Dungeness crab season, and to catch one yourself is the most fun way to join the annual tradition. All you have to do is to head to Tillamook Bay in Oregon, where offers some of the best clamming, fishing, and crabbing west of the Mississippi. The best catches are from October to December when you can directly harvest crabs from the docks at the marinas.

8. Rogue River, Oregon

Good food is as important as adrenaline-rushing activities while you are adventuring in the great outdoors. Oregon’s Rogue River is the place where you can ride the rapids by day and at night to enjoy gourmet grub by candlelight.