After being famous in the West for Sukiyaki or Sushi, Japanese cuisine has become more familiar in recent years and is appreciated worldwide. However, very few first-time visitors to Japan are served elaborate and varied dishes in the traditional way. Eating in Japan is an experience to be enjoyed and remembered for the rest of your life.

1. Sukiyaki dish from beef

The dish is prepared at the table by cooking thinly sliced beef along with many types. Sukiyaki is a hotpot dish with spices such as Mirin, sugar, soy sauce, along with ingredients such as sliced beef, onions, chrysanthemum, shiitake mushrooms, tofu, Shirataki.

2. Tempura from shrimp and fish

The food is composed of seasonal shrimp, fish and vegetables. They are covered with a mixture of eggs, water and flour and fried deep in cooking oil. Tempura is a famous fried dish in Japan. It can be said that this is a typical dish of the land of the rising sun. Although it was born after Sushi, Tempura brings a new aroma and taste so it is especially loved by Japanese.

3. Seafood Sushi dish

A small slice of raw seafood placed on a layer of rice coated with vinegar. The most common ingredients are tuna, squid and shrimp served with cucumber, pickled radish and thin sweet omelette.

4. Sashimi from fish

Sashimi is sliced raw fish dipped in soy sauce. Sashimi is a traditional Japanese dish, which is mainly composed of fresh seafood such as salmon, tuna, basa, snakehead, squid, etc. In particular, salmon sashimi is a popular and popular dish.

5. Kaiseki Ryori from seaweed

This dish is considered the most quintessential cuisine in Japan. The dishes use seasonal ingredients mainly including vegetables, fish with seaweed and mushrooms and have a subtle delicate flavor. This is the most exquisite dish of Japanese cuisine. Tourists will hardly resist the taste of it.