Not only famous for beautiful tourist destinations and traditional festivals, Polish cuisine makes many visitors addicted to the unique food of the cold country.

Polish cuisine is quite unique with the harmony between traditional cuisine and the cuisine of Central Europe, Belarus, Ukraine and Russia. The main ingredients of Polish cuisine are bread, pork, beets, cabbage, sausages, kohlrabi and coriander.

Pierogi Ruskie

Capital is a dish originating from Russia introduced to Poland in the Middle Ages. The food is gradually being modified to suit the tastes of the indigenous people. Pierogi Ruskie is shaped like a Chinese wonton with an outer shell made of unleavened wheat flour. For Poles, Pierogi is made with meat and cabbage and mushrooms.


This dish is one type of street food in Poland associated with the period of socialism in Poland. The way to make a zapiekanka bread is quite simple, including a slice of bread with cheese and mushrooms, along with the number of traditional sandwich ingredients (onions, chili, ham, sausages), and baked until melted cheese.


If you come to Poland without enjoying Bigos, your trip will not be complete. Bigos is a Polish specialty stew. The dish consists of sliced meat, stewed sausage with pickled cabbage, a bit of hot beer and honey, cinnamon, clove. When the dish is soft stewed and viscous, it will be served with bagels and a cold glass of Polish beer.

Zurek Soup

Soup Zurek is considered the national spirit of Polish cuisine. Zurek is an indispensable traditional sour soup in Polish family meals. The main ingredients of this dish are rye, mushroom powder, potatoes, sausages and boiled eggs. The sour taste stimulates the taste of the soup from the fusion of fermented eggs. Especially the dish is put into a loaf of bread to be hollowed out into a bowl to keep hot and enhance the flavor of the soup.