Not only help the athlete to replenish energy, avoid exhaustion due to excessive activity, the following 4 foods also help to optimize the quality of training, bringing maximum efficiency to the athletes.

Thanks to the development of the Internet and social networks, information about nutritious food for sports lovers is easily accessible. However, not all information is true, sometimes making the “amateur athletes” extremely confused with mixed information. If you are a regular sports person, keep in mind the following foods, as they not only help trainees enjoy their appetites, but also provide the right nutrients they need.

It can be said that nuts are “divine” food for those who are passionate about exercising. For a long time, various types of nuts such as cashews, pumpkin seeds, … have been a rich source of protein, extremely important nutrients in building and maintaining muscles, helping to replenish energy as well as support to tissue production and regeneration.

Besides, these nuts also contain many other nutrients, supporting better training process. If pumpkin seeds are very popular in Vietnam with high magnesium content, helping athletes develop muscle, cashews contain copper, which helps the development of bones and joints.

In addition, chestnuts, macadamia nuts, or walnuts are all good sources of nutrition but low in fat, a good snack and easy to take with you.


For those who regularly exercise, Carbohydrate is an indispensable nutrient. Bread is a food that provides abundant carbohydrates, helping the body to train to avoid fatigue, muscle loss due to energy loss in the long run.

Eating a little bread before training for at least 30 minutes will help replenish the necessary energy, help endurance activities, endurable in the long run, moreover, and avoid exhaustion when exercising too much. , especially against cramps – a very common condition for sports players, endangering the practitioner, especially those who participate in swimming or cycling.

Although there are many opinions that eggs are not quite a good food because of their high cholesterol, which is harmful to health, for those who regularly practice sports, eggs are an indispensable daily food.

Eggs are also a great source of protein, helping build and maintain muscle for exercise. Not only that, eggs are also easy to prepare, simple food, suitable for everyone. Many professional athletes share that they need to eat eggs every day, in large quantities to effectively supplement the nutrients that help build and maintain their muscles.


Of the above foods, bananas are the most representative representative for desserts. Not only good for digestion, every 100g of banana provides 4g of protein. For those who love sports, regular physical activity, eating bananas during exercise will help provide instant energy thanks to the quickly absorbed sugar in bananas, maintain muscle activity until the end of the session. Bananas are also a very convenient form of food, can be brought anytime during the training session, ensuring maintenance of nutrition and energy for the practitioner.

Besides these popular foods, the list of dishes that are essential for sports practitioners is still long. Unable to bring all these foods into the gym, sports players can still use supplements, with high nutritional content and right dosage, which is extremely convenient to carry with you, these products are the current top choice of people who regularly practice sports.