For professional sports athletes, their eating habits are very scientific and are extremely carefully calculated. So how the diet is scientific and really effective. Here are the advice of professional athletes.

40:20:40 rule

Bodybuilders often have a habit of eating with rations according to the 40:20:20 rule. In it, 40% Carbohydrates, 20% fat, 40% protein. This diet can perfectly balance body nutrition, strengthen muscles and consume excess fat. To do this, you need to pay special attention to the composition of each food. Many contain fats and proteins. If many protein foods cannot be used, supplement them with muscle-boosting or whey-boosting milk during snacks.

2.5 hours to eat once

Eat many small meals, each meal a little to increase the body’s ability to absorb nutrients, prevent hyperglycemia and indigestion. This eating habit also makes muscles grow faster. Every day you eat 6 meals is the most reasonable. You can still snack between snacks with nuts and grains.

Calorie cycle

The body of the bodybuilder needs to adapt to certain calories, so focus on adjusting the amount of calories you get each day. Alternate low and high calorie diets day by day to suit your muscle gain and weight gain needs. Of course, you don’t apply stereotyped formulas, but you should also create eating habits for each day and keep track of your daily calories.

Typical menu of professional bodybuilding athletes:

1: 2.5 egg whites, 1 bowl of oats,
Breakfast: chicken breast, 1 bowl of brown rice, boiled vegetables
3rd: Beef tenderloin, potatoes
4: Beef tenderloin, potatoes
5: chicken breast, a bowl of brown rice
6.7: Tilapia or flounder, broccoli

When not in competition, players also make a low-starch diet, rich in protein from eggs, fish, beef, oats and vegetables.

These are the eating habits to increase muscle that bodybuilders often apply. In addition, you should focus on supplementing protein, essential nutrients for muscles by using muscle milk products.