Surely you are curious what is the most expensive ice cream in the world, right? The ice cream is called “Black Diamond” and is one of the specialty dishes of the famous Scoopi Café restaurant in Dubai. Each ice cream here has an astounding price of up to 816 USD. This is a luxury dish, but it is very popular and comes to eat.

What made this ice cream special and such an expensive price? The answer is a very special ingredient: 23 carat gold can be eaten. Moreover, other ingredients such as Iranian saffron, Madagascar vanilla, Italian truffles are rare and super expensive. To make this luxurious creamy dish of Dubai cuisine, the restaurant takes at least 5 weeks of implementation.
It is believed that camel milk is a valuable source of healthy nutrients as it contains various vitamins and minerals. At first, people here used camel milk mixed with a little chocolate to drink. This is a famous dish from ancient times of ancient Bedouin people living in the desert. Gradually camel chocolate milk became a favorite in cafes attracting many domestic and international tourists.
Camel stuffed with meat – a unique dish of Dubai cuisine
The signature dish for the next Dubai cuisine is called camel stuffed with meat. You’ve heard it strange just now. When you know more about the processing of this dish, you will be even more surprised. The processing of this dish is quite complicated and still very strange. First, the cook will have to cram a fish into a chicken, then they will stuff a lot of such chickens into a sheep. Eventually they will get two such sheep tucked into a camel belly. In the process, the cook had to add many different spices and herbs to the dish to be attractive. After that, the camel will be filmed until it is ripe on a large embers pit.

Such a camel should be divided into a ration when divided. This is a special dish so it is also often served on special occasions like weddings or traditional festivals here.
Gold-plated tea – luxurious in Dubai cuisine
It is a unique dish with gold inside of Dubai. Also at a famous cafe in Dubai, people have used the raw material of gold to marinate tea for guests. To make this type of tea is not easy. The coffee shop had to find the best Sri Lankan tea leaves in Sri Lanka and then they had to transport gilded tea all over Germany. Gilding is still not the final stage to be able to move back to Dubai, but the tea leaves still have to go their journey to Morocco to be flavored. Finally the fragile gilded tea leaves are present in Dubai at unbelievable prices.

Like the most expensive ice cream in the world, this special drink is a unique feature of Dubai cuisine that is nowhere to be found. So even though it is a luxurious drink, this tea is still very popular and attracts many guests to enjoy.