Hamachi, houbou, madai are 3 fish dishes that are loved by Fukuoka merchants, Japan, and are lined up to buy at the end of the year.
If in the world, salmon and tuna are the first two species people think of when visiting Japanese restaurants. In this island nation, the Japanese prefer white meat fish with a gentle, delicate flavor. Here are three species of fish that are loved by Fukuoka and Japan traders that you may not have heard of.

Hamachi – winter masterpiece
Fukuoka is one of Japan’s oldest gateways, surrounded by 3 mountains and one side facing the sea. With the pure waters and extremely cold winters, fish caught naturally in the Fukuoka Sea in the winter are more delicious and have higher nutritional value.

It is also the oldest trade center of Japan with many countries. Traders not only come here to associate work, but also because of the characteristic delicious fish dishes, which not everyone knows.

Dubbed the “winter delicacy” – hamachi is loved after tuna and puffer fish for sashimi. The most nutritious fish time is in the winter. Hamachi large size, fat meat, sweet and very fragrant taste.

Hamachi looks attractive, iridescent reflective like noctilucent. During the summer, hamachi hunts and stores nutrients for the winter. So at the end of the year, fish meat becomes toned and greasy taste of fish fat, especially good for health.

Hamachi also brings spiritual value to the Japanese, because this fish is a symbol of prosperity and luck. On special occasions like the end of the year, Japanese people will enjoy hamachi sashimi. Pieces of blush are like sending wishes for the new year good luck and good.

Houbou – a rare fish with beautiful fins that are like wings
Houbou is a rare fish with beautiful fins resembling wings. Shiromi means white meat fish, used to refer to the types of fish with white meat and delicious in Japanese.

A highly skilled sushi chef slices each houbou fish very thinly and decorates it like a brilliant petal. When served with this fish will have a little radish grinding chili powder, honoring the sweet taste of this rare fish.

Madai – delicious taste of white fishes
Madai is a special fish, with the meaning imbued with Japanese culture and belief, not just a delicious dish. The Japanese consider madai to be the “king” of white fish. The natural madai fishing in the sea is one of the very beautiful traditions, with a history of hundreds of years in Japan.

Madai fish usually live in deep water so the meat is firm and has a chewy texture. On big occasions like New Year’s Day, weddings or anniversaries, Japanese people love this dish because it has a bright pink color – the color is said to bring good luck.