Bakso is probably one of the most popular street food in Bali. Including chicken balls, noodles, tofu and simple broth, bakso, easy to combine, you can eat with chutney or kecap manis – a kind of sweet Indonesian soy sauce is delicious.

nasi campur
Rice mixed with nasi campur is a great way to taste many Indo dishes at the same time. This dish is usually displayed on a rounded banana leaf, with rice in the middle and all kinds of food lined up, bringing harmony in both texture and taste.
Surely the barbecue enthusiasts will not forget the satay dish. Originating from the island of Java, satay is now popular on many Indonesian islands. In Bali, satay is usually grilled with charcoal, and served with peanut sauce, sweet kecap manis and chili sauce.
Es teler
“Es teler” is a temporary “stone poisoning”, which is an eye-catching dish you have to try in Bali. Es teler is usually shaved ice with red beans, full-color jelly, pearl beads, condensed milk and syrup. The traditional version of kacang ijo has a simpler part, just green beans served with coconut milk, added ice and condensed milk.
Nasi jinggo
Nasi jinggo is likened to “a flavor explosion wrapped in banana leaves”. When opening the banana leaf part, you will be greeted by the aroma of mixed rice, some noodles, chili sambal sauce, fragrant dried coconut, tofu tempeh and crispy onion. Indo people often watch nasi jinggo as a night dish because of the multi-flavor of this rice dish.
To Indonesia, you probably can’t ignore all the sweet food here. Klepon is a kind of pineapple green cake made from rice flour. The surprise element of this cake is the jaggery of sugar – gula jawa and the coconut shells.
babi guling
Roasted babi guling is a dish that you probably only found in Bali, because Indonesia’s main religion is Islam, and Muslims do not eat pork. Babi guling is pork stuffed with onions, garlic, ginger, chilli, lemongrass, galangal, …, turned whole on fire. Babi guling is often served with rice and many other spices.
This is another item that sweet lovers cannot ignore when coming to Bali. Dadar is a crepe mixed with pineapple leaves, with a filling that is a charming combination of jaggery and coconut milk.