Wiener schnitzel is not only famous in European countries but also Austria’s famous delicacies. The main dish is made from veal. Beef, lamb, pork … are also used depending on the taste of the guests. The meat is smashed thin, then breaded and deep fried in butter or cooking oil. Wiener schnitzel is decorated with coriander and lemon. Sipping a glass of white wine Gruner Veltliner and enjoying the famous fried meat is a culinary experience you can’t miss when coming to Austria.

Austrian goulash is originally from Hungary, and today it is famous in Vienne and throughout Austria. Austrian standard goulash recipe with stewed beef with tomato sauce, served with mashed potatoes. Goulash is better when enjoying in winter with a beer or glass of Zweigelt red wine.

Asparagus is a dish you must definitely try when coming to Austria. This vegetable is transformed by Austria according to many unique recipes such as butter, lemon or soup. White asparagus with large size, thick meat, more favorite by customers than green bamboo shoots.

Tafelspitz is a specialty of Austrian cuisine. The dish is made from soft beef or veal, served with seasonal vegetables. Tafelspitz is good to taste with white or red wine

A typical potato salad in Austria does not use mayonnaise, suitable for customers with a healthy diet. Instead of mixing a high-fat sauce, potato salad in Austria has a sauce from white wine vinegar, mustard, red onion, shallots, salt and pepper. This dish is served with meat at the request of the guests.

Apfelstrudel apple pie is not only popular in Austria, this dessert is popular in many countries around the world. Apfelstrudel has a light, crunchy, thin texture, with a filling of marinated apples, raisins, lemons, rum, cinnamon and cloves. The cake is usually decorated with breadcrumbs mixed with nuts and powdered sugar.

Powidltascherl, plum jam cake originating from Bohemia, today becomes a famous delicacy in Austria. The cake is made from potato flour, filling with plum jam, flavored with rum. Powidltascherl is decorated with bread crumbs, butter and walnuts. Some restaurants serve plum jam cake with chocolate or sugar.