Malaysia is the intersection of many culinary and cultural backgrounds. Multiracialism has given this country a diverse and attractive cuisine.

As a tropical paradise right in the heart of Southeast Asia, Malaysia is truly captivating and engaging with the harmonious combination of many nations, cultures, and beliefs. Malaysian cuisine is favored by unforgettable flavors and spices from many different communities in Malaysia. Malaysian cuisine is a wonderful blend of flavors from Malay, Chinese, Indian, Nyonya and indigenous people living in Malaysia. Malaysia is truly famous as an Asian culinary paradise.

Teh Tarik Tea

Teh Tarik tea which is specially prepared from tea and milk is very popular in Malaysia. Competitions and performances are often organized for these artists to perform this complex and inspiring art. Features of Malaysian culinary culture are the use of natural, fresh, colorful ingredients of natural fruits. The taste of traditional Malaysian dishes is usually quite spicy, fatty and slightly sweet. During meals, all dishes are displayed in full color and aromatic flavor.

Satay with sauce

The dish you are often recommended when you want to explore Malay cuisine is satay. Satay is a light snack with the main ingredients of beef or chicken marinated with spices and grilled. Served with satay is a type of rice that is squeezed like rice balls with peanut sauce, cucumber and onions. The sauce for this Satay is made from a mixture of garlic, jaggery, peanuts, pecans and salt. Satay dishes are used as snacks, appetizers for meals also, if you eat a lot can also be a main dish. Satay is suitable for customers who like to eat sweet because the meat is marinated very sweet.

Bah Kut Teh

In addition, Malaysian cuisine also has Bah Kut Teh pork rolls known to many people around the world (serving non-Muslim Chinese Indians) or Nasi Goreng dishes are also popular (fried rice mixed with minced chili, the color looks very eye-catching but the spicy taste also has to cause many people to give up. This dish always serves hot food. The aroma of aromatic rice is always mixed with the sweet smell of curry creating an extremely attractive flavor.