In fact, the game entertainment needs between men and women are the same. In this article, we will introduce to its readers cookin games that are indispensable for iPhone users, especially weak gamers.

1. Cooking mama ($ 6.99)
Cooking Mama is a game that simulates cooking and jobs in the kitchen. In the game, you will play the role of a daughter, learn to cook under the management of “Mama”.

At the beginning of the game, you are given a cooking guide by your mother to practice basic items. Later, when you have mastered the dishes, you will try harder and more complicated recipes. But do not worry because there is “Mama” by her side, she will always guide you to make the best dishes and solve the problems of kitchen problems.
Once completed, you will be rewarded with some decorative items for your kitchen, based on the results of completing the dishes.Not merely entertaining, you can even “learn” some basic recipes for common food in life through games.

2. Cooking Dash (USD 2.99)
Coming to Cooking Dash, you will be tasked to arrange the correct seats for each customer (shown by the color of each person) and serve the dishes they require as quickly as possible. The gameplay is somewhat simple, but you will be attracted by the fast paced, reflective ability and work arrangement. This explains why the Cooking Dash brand is one of the most downloaded games on iTunes, with nearly 10 million plays.
You will be adventurous through different cities, serving the “specialties” of each place, interacting with many “types” of customers (young children, youth, elders, office people …). Corresponding to that, the game also teaches us how to adapt to every situation to bring the best possible quality.

3. Farm Frenzy ($ 2.99)
Farm Frenzy is a farm simulation game. You will be transformed into a farmer, take care of all kinds of livestock and other agricultural products to reach the goal of each different game. Not just about raising – harvesting – selling, game also posing challenges for destructive animals such as bears, wolves, visiting farms to attack and foraging. Designed in great detail with 45 screens, a variety of livestock, poultry and agricultural products, Farm Frenzy will really attract you right from the first try.