From ketchup chips to fiddleheads, we’ve rounded up nine of the best classic Canadian foods that you need to try at least once.

Ketchup Chips

It is nearly impossible for our Canadian friends south of the border to procure Ketchup Chips. These finger-staining crisps of deliciousness define many a childhood at the awkward school or dance skating rink.

Maple Syrup

There is nothing as symbolic or delicious as this sweet liquid gold. Just take a minute to honor the love and dedication it takes in order to turn this sap into the thick syrup that we love to douse our pancakes with.

Butter Tarts

A lot of Canadians call themselves butter tart aficionados. A term never to be lightly used, they are warriors on a journey to taste every flakey, delicate pastry filled with buttery goo from quaint bakeries, roadside stands, and general stores across this amazing land.

Nanaimo Bar

Named after one of the most beautiful west coast cities in Canada, these melt-in-your-mouth bars of biscuit, chocolate ganache, and buttercream will certainly hit you right in the feels.


A popular fairground dish, the tail-shaped, deep-fried pastry is topped with a plethora of goodies, including chocolate, fruit, candy, and magic that will immediately make your heart soar.

Maple Fudge

As soon as they hit your tongue, these sugary squares melt into sweet molten goodness and leave you with a raging toothache simultaneously. If loving maple fudge is wrong, I’m sure that you don’t want to be right!


High in potassium and Vitamin C, these curlicue veggies, which are parts of the fern family, are available seasonally across most provinces of the country.


Certainly, although you can eat blueberries anywhere in the world, Canada basically owns the rights because they are the largest importer and exporter of the little blue gems in the world.

Kraft Dinner

You might not have known that this classic dorm-room meal was Canadian. It certainly is. Thank you, Canada!