The Las Vegas Visitors Authority recently released results of their study regarding the food trends in the gambling industry. In Las Vegas, the amount spent on food represents 53.2% of what is spent daily. While beverages were always available at casinos, the type of drinks has changed tremendously. Drinks are no longer available just to ensure visitors stay longer but today have become a huge portion of land-based casino profits.

Casinos in Canada offered regular patrons complimentary beverages, which created expectations of quality. Due to free beverages offered to VIP players, beverage manages faced challenged to meet the gambler demands. The only solution was to create a food and beverage program focussed on four main goals. The first was to provide diners with a quality experience, followed by creating an attractive venue which would attract non-gamblers, thirdly the atmosphere should extend diners visit and the last, offer an experience that patrons would want to enjoy again. With great restaurants in the casino, VIP players could enjoy meals sponsored via free vouchers.

Embracing Modern Technology

Modern technology completely changed the way restaurants operate, several restaurants now have apps that display their complete menu, specials of the day and at casinos, food orders placement can now take place from the gaming floor. While this solved brought relieve to beverage managers, the greatest challenge faced by casinos remained to attract younger demographics. Restaurants enjoyed huge success due to mobile apps, the fastest growing meal periods is morning and evenings, and several casinos created apps that could provide millenniums with a Guide to Everything available at the casino.

Guide to everything Online Casino

Online casinos take casino gaming to a whole new level as those who visit online casino don’t have to spend money on food as they have access to thousands of games in the comfort of their home. Online casinos offer a much larger variety of slots, table/card games, and many accept sports bets. In addition to the usual casino games one would expect to see, there are others that might not be expected such as live dealer games, bingo and keno. This provides a luxury that land-based casinos are unable to match, and with it, a gaming environment that has a far great value.

The best way to enjoy all the benefits offered by online operators is to read the Guide to everything online casino, it includes a list of top casinos. Apart from recommended online casinos, the website also offers valuable information on how to benefit from casino bonuses, how game payout percentages influence winnings and everything else that online players ought to know. Basically, the Guide to everything online casino is a map that shows players the way to great entertainment and endless winning opportunities.