If you could have a world buffet, it would probably include all the speciality dishes from Spain, Italy, Mexico, Korea and Africa. It would still be almost impossible to know which dishes to select without being able to taste them all. Food remains one of the best ways to get to know a place, and it is even more so in Vancouver. Any food adventurer would agree that if you want to enjoy a combination of the best dishes, Vancouver’s tapestry of cultural diversities is the safest option.

Vancouver offers visitors one of the largest varieties of different restaurants, each specialising in food from countries around the globe. A food adventure here could provide you with a taste of Chinese Brasserie offering all the mouth-watering Chinese dishes. Traditional Chinese menus not only offer the most desirable dishes, the restaurants mostly specialise in quality and healthy dishes.

Italian-Japanese Fusion

Italian-Japanese Fusion is one of the most talked about combinations, and by taking a seat at a Chinese restaurant, you could enjoy a fabulous lasagne made with ingredients such as katsuo flakes, miso and kombu.

Jazz Cafes in Tokyo

Vancouver also offers visitors the option to find out what jazz cafes in Tokyo are like. By booking at one of these established restaurants featuring green-blue walls, mid-century-style lightning and stacks of vinyl records, your adventure is bound to include more than just great tastes. It is like stepping back into the heyday of the 1960s, while the cuisine is modern day greatness and could include chantal mushrooms, autumnal salad, miso beciamella, parsley-brightened cream sauces or even yuzu-and-grape dressings.

Best Canadian Dishes

It is also in this city where you get to enjoy great Canadian dishes, served after an upside down made decorated by a toasted marshmallow. There is no shortage of creativity, and it could be challenging to order only one dish since the ever-changing menu features an array of interesting and odd combinations. Kohlrabi and lovage, caramelised when served with spring salmon, sea urchin butter, Calabrian Chile served with squid ink bucatini.

Italian-Asian Fusions

Yes, fusions are your best options if you need to saver the taste global foods and therefore an Italian-Asian fusion is a must. Smoked herbal and orange flavoured Castelvetrano olives is a great option, while a celeriac, venison meal, completed by a touch of coffee and blistered grapes are heaven. Another hugely popular dish on fusion menu is aged duck served with strawberries and a red beetroot sauce, enhanced with rose, honey. Vegetable dished such as carrots served with sprouted wheat, prepared in sat atop and vinegar, prepared in duck fat is another taste few ever forget.