Do you agree that Chinese food is the most popular in the world? Just think about it, almost every country has at least one Chinese area with all kinds of eye-catching food, attracting tourists.

The most diverse flavor in the world
Did you know Chinese cuisine has five main flavors and they have to be balanced according to traditional Chinese medicine: sweet, sour, salty, bitter and spicy.

Each different region will have its own flavor characteristics. For example, Sichuan cuisine is famous for its pungent taste, the northern region is salty and the South has the dominant flavor is sour.

The difference between North – South cuisine
The North is colder and drier, making it suitable for wheat production, so Northern people often eat dumplings, wheat noodles and steamed buns with meals. In the South, people prefer rice so most meals they eat.

The Chinese eat all the “things” that can move
Expats are often shocked by what the Chinese eat. Many dishes that make visitors especially Westerners feel strange or uncomfortable such as insects, scorpions, snakes, centipedes, mice, pig ears, animal organs …

Fruits and vegetables are used even more than meat
Chinese people love to eat fruits and vegetables, so just walking around any market in the country of billion people, you will see most of the stalls selling all kinds of different vegetables, tubers, fruits. There are also vegetables that you have never known, cannot even translate into a specific name.

Say no to frozen foods
Of course you will still find them in this country but the Chinese always prioritize the fresh food provided every day.

The food is decorated sophisticatedly
Not only delicious, the food here must always follow the principle of “delicious”. Especially in restaurants, chefs often decorate very sophisticated dishes with the art of trimming tubers and fruits.

Names of dishes are sometimes just a trick
The fact that the names of the dishes have nothing to do with the ingredients that make them up is commonplace here. For example, the “tree climbing ant” is essentially fried noodles with minced pork, or “chicken copper” when brought up turned out to be a frog dish. Please ask before ordering enthusiastically until the food is startled again!

Important figures often sit at the top of the table
For a long dining table, a distinguished guest or a person of high status usually sits at the head of the table. Dishes made from fish, chicken and ducks will be placed in the direction of turning to this person.