Dubai is a luxury country with extremely shocking gilding cuisine. Every dish has an unbelievably high value.

In this rich country, visitors can easily find gold vending machines along the Dubai road. The cars gilded the entire outside. The standards of the players must also be different: pets are wildlife or sports are camel rides. The craze in this country is also reflected in the cuisine at prices that can reach thousands of US dollars. A bartender at the hotel shared that diamonds were a bit harder to chew while gold was easier to mix into drinks.

One of the impressive desserts is a gold-covered cupcake. To make this cake, raw materials are imported directly from England, Italy, etc. When enjoying, visitors feel the smell of vanilla, butter, chocolate or ripe ripe strawberries. The cake has a unique highlight is the 23K gold coating on the outside with a very high price. But to taste this feeling you need to book two days in advance.

Bloomsbury’s, a small cafe at Dubai Mall in 2012, created a cupcake and gold decoration named Golden Phoenix. This cake has a mild sweet taste easy to eat.

The next dish is the royal pizza, which is made for Royal enjoyment. Chef using the world’s most premium ingredients such as expensive Alba white Truffle mushroom (Italy), foie gras (French), black Truffle mushroom from Périgord, saffron Kashmiri Maff, Japanese Matsutake mushroom, Almas caviar from Iran with 60 grams of gold topping. This is the most expensive cake Gordon Ramsey has created for his restaurant.

The world’s most expensive sandwich also comes from Dubai. It is made from four simple ingredients including bread, mushrooms, butter and salt. Each ingredient for making sandwich is carefully selected. The chef only uses premium quality bread and super black Périgord mushrooms. This pie is equivalent to the minimum wage of an employee in California, USA in 9 hours.

Cocktail 27,321 is also a dish not to be missed. This cocktail is so named because only on the 27th floor of Burj Al Arab Hotel, which is one of the most luxurious and tallest hotels in the world with the height of 321m.

This cocktail contains no gold but is made up of 55-year-old malt liquors. Lalique bottles are very limited with natural colors mixed with herbal wine, whiskey stirred with a unique dried fruit, handmade passion fruit sugar and ice cubes from the famous Macallan factory in Scotland creating fragrance. strong taste. The glass used to hold the mixture was made from 18K gold and oak, making the cocktail even more expensive. Customers can also bring this cup back.