Along with the casino venues, Las Vegas also attracts visitors from all over the world through sumptuous buffet meals served 24/7 with many little-known surprises. There is always a food war between casinos in this casino capital.

Dubbed the most playful paradise in the world, Las Vegas has almost no nights and you can easily find card machines anywhere on this land. In parallel, the meals in Las Vegas seem endless, especially the buffet. However, before enjoying these dishes, you can learn more to know the secrets not everyone knows when using the buffet there.

In addition to actively attracting gamblers, casino-operated hotels also compete with each other by continuously promoting the quality of food at the buffet. The story begins with a restaurant called The Wicked Spoon promoting and emphasizing that the buffet here ($ 40 per person) is of better quality and made from the freshest ingredients.

Soon after, the Caesars Palace Hotel “responded” by confirming that their buffet restaurant also had the best seafood, roasted duck, raw oysters or crème brulee in Las Vegas.

Caviar is served on weekends. On Fridays and Saturdays, The Bellagio hotel and casino buffets often open a separate area, serving the best caviar, considered the best in the world, originating in Japan. Guests can choose to eat comfortably and without worrying about running out of ration. Some of the eggs on the menu include tobiko, ikura, and waffles to accompany it.

It is no coincidence that Las Vegas was voted in the top 10 culinary cities of the world. Traveling here you see that Las Vegas is not just gambling at luxurious and classy casinos. Las Vegas cuisine is also a factor that attracts those who love to enjoy in this world’s top culinary paradise. This is something that online casinos cannot bring you. Come here to enjoy once the entertainment and cuisine!