Not only is the country with the largest population in the world, China also has a rich and long-standing food culture. Coming to this beautiful country, you will have the opportunity to enjoy countless attractive dishes with typical flavors. Below is a list of 10 well-known delicious dishes associated with the region to help this country that you should learn to have the opportunity to enjoy.

1. Mapo tofu
Sichuan tofu with typical spicy flavor is always mentioned by international friends as a characteristic of Chinese cuisine. The ingredients of this famous tofu include young beans and minced meat cooked with special spices of Sichuan.

The blending between the soft fat of tofu, the spicy of satay and the aroma of sesame oil gives the delicious taste of famous dishes. If you have the opportunity to explore China, do not forget to spend time enjoying this very famous delicacy to have more enjoyable experiences.

2. Steamed rice
This is one of the dishes with a long tradition of Chinese history. For Chinese people, sparkling sparkling is a very popular traditional dish, especially on Tet holiday. This is a symbol of good luck and family reunion. Every year on New Year’s Eve, regardless of whether it is a business trip, a study or a business away from home, everyone must eat and eat together.

3. Fried noodles (Chow Mein)
Fried noodles are considered a popular and very popular dish in China. This is a nutritious dish, has many health benefits. The main ingredients of the dish include noodles, meat, onions, carrots and some vegetables. In addition, fried noodles with eggs, seafood fried noodles are also very popular. In China, you can buy fried noodles anywhere from bustling restaurants to sidewalk shops. Although a lot of oil, but in return this food is very easy to eat and attractive.

4. Peking Duck
Peking Duck is a famous specialty dish from China, especially in Beijing. The characteristic of roasted duck is thin, crunchy, dark yellow duck skin. After choosing a delicious duck, the duck will be cleaned and marinated, spiced with red vinegar, sugar, salt and five spices and then turned. The type of firewood used must be camphor tree so that the aroma of wood increases the flavor of duck meat.

5. Spring rolls
Spring roll is one of the famous dishes in Guangdong, China. The dish uses many different ingredients such as sliced ​​pork, boiled shrimp, raw vegetables, carrot, tofu. You can also create other ingredients by adding butter, pineapple, peppermint, parsley. When using, just put these ingredients on the rice paper, then roll it up and put on the pan to fry.