For most of us, seafood is a pure treat that is a completely unique tool all other dishes. Whether you make it at home on the grill or enjoy it with friends and family at a well-known restaurant, there is nothing quite as enjoyable as a seafood platter or kingklip that’s prepared perfectly. With so many different types of seafood available, we have all developed a subconscious list of our absolute favourites. Some of us might enjoy prawns more than fish while others might have a hankering for sole or lobster. At the end of the day, it does not matter what type of seafood you are most interested in as each of them has their own benefits to your health, which is exactly what we are looking at today.

Best Source of Minerals and Vitamins

Of course, it depends on the type of seafood you eat, but each of them has their own benefits when it comes to providing excellent minerals and vitamins. The range of benefits C. Fred offers is simply amazing as it offers B-complex, focusing mainly on the metabolism, concentration, energy levels and much more.

Even fish with a bit of fat is great for your health, especially those that offer fatty skin as seen with tuna. This is a great source of vitamin D, offering a boost with the immune system, strengthening bones and even cell growth.

Those of you who enjoy a healthy cut of salmon can expect to benefit from the vitamin A it includes. This vitamin helps with everything from immune system through to the reproductive capabilities, and let’s face it, it’s simply delicious as well.

Excellent for the Brain

Consuming the omega three acids found in many forms of seafood can be highly beneficial for adults and children. It has been proven that a steady diet involving these acids can prevent the development of Alzheimer’s disease.

It has also recently been proven that these fatty acids can help prevent depression. Not only does it help to prevent depression, but it also acts as a natural helper, giving you a better and brighter look towards life, which is something we can all benefit from.

Brilliant for Eyes

Did you know carrots aren’t the only thing you can eat for healthy eyes? In 2014, a study proved that the omega three acids also help prevent diseases like macular degeneration, which is common with older age and could cause the loss of one’s eyesight. Eating seafood regularly would prevent it and even enhance your abilities to see better at night.

Better Looking Skin

Consuming seafood on a regular basis could help you maintain a healthier skin. Not only does it help your skin to trap moisture and give you that desired natural glow, it actually aids in protecting you from UV, making it a natural sunblock.