Spicy rice cakes Tteokbokki, Odeng fish cakes or donuts Hotteok … are typical representatives of Korean street food.

1. Tteokbokki spicy rice cake

This rice cake is extremely popular and popular in Korea with the characteristics of red and spicy characteristic of chili. Spicy rice cakes are made with a lot of ingredients in which anchovies and seaweed are the most popular. Some other versions also have eggs and even mozzarella cheese.

2. Odeng fish paste

Along with Tteokbokki, Odeng fish ball is the most famous street food in Seoul. Fish skewers are usually kept hot in seafood broth and indispensable with chili sauce when eaten. Cheap, hot, delicious … it’s easy to understand when Odeng is so popular in kimchi.

3. Waffle ice cream clamp

You can find this snack at most routes near the subway station. Soft fragrant waffle is served with sweet ice creams that are extremely mouth-filling for any sweet believer, but this dish is not recommended to eat on the train somewhere so make sure you handle it before they get on board!

4. Somsatang cotton candy

Cotton candy is not only a gift for young children, but even adults are tired of it, which is most clearly demonstrated on Seoul’s streets. It is not difficult for you to see adults also holding big and colorful cotton candy with creative animals. Perhaps because of the creativity and eye-catching colors, cotton candy is so popular.

5. Fried squid Ojingeo Twigim

Fried breaded squid is also very popular because of the fragrant crispy, sweet characteristic of this dish. This dish is made from dried squid and is often served with sauces and chutneys.

6. Sugar candy Bbopkki

This is a traditional Korean dish. Sweets are made from sugar, then grilled and often have funny shapes on candies like star-shaped, heart-shaped … in the middle of candy If you skillfully eat the outer edge of the piece of candy without breaking it In the middle picture you will get a free Bbopki.

7. Fish cake Boong-uh-ppang

Boong-uh-ppang – a cake with a golden fish with a red bean is one of the most popular dishes in Korean people’s hearts and is even more popular in cold weather. Today in addition to traditional cakes, people also have a more modern version with sweet ice cream.

8. Korean fish ice cream

This dish is similar to the snail cream but the part of the cone instead of the pyramid is an extremely creative fish. The crisp, beautiful cinnamon cone “contains” a variety of flavorful creams and has dozens of topping choices to choose from.